about TrueVoice

About TrueVoice

Today’s business leaders need timely validated, robust audience insights to inform strategies and formulate tactics that solve problems and get results. However, today’s “listening” platforms are not designed for this task.

While a valuable tool to track brand mentions for reputation and social care purposes, current platforms are unable to filter the noise of unstructured data to discern “who is saying what”, leaving users struggling to gain new understanding and perspectives from the audiences that matter most to the company and its businesses.

A decade ago, we set out to transform how large organizations leverage audience intelligence from big unstructured data. Our first hurdle was technology. Finding a technology platform capable of accessing, filtering and organizing data from millions of online sites and disparate sources did not exist. So, we created something new.

Today, our technology platform and proprietary filtering process is capable of adding structure and identifying voice from vast amounts of unstructured digital and social media content. We support our best in class technology with world-class subject matter experts in research, social sciences, marketing and data analysis.

Based on our customer’s feedback and recognition from the industry’s most respected evaluators of service performance, we are providing a unique and very valued solution. Recently, TrueVoice was recognized as a Top Performer in Dun & Bradstreet’s “Open Ratings Past Performance Evaluation” report. With a score of 100 representing the highest level of customer satisfaction, TrueVoice achieved a combined score in all performance categories of 92, placing us atop our industry.
Why does this matter to you?

Awards and recognition aside, we can pinpoint audiences online; categorize these audiences into meaningful customer segments – and then, using the rich business intelligence derived from our platform – create a “blue-print for activation” detailing when, where, and how to engage and influence the target audience.

We empower our customers with unique audience and stakeholder insights about how to address their biggest business challenges.

Know Your Audience. Reach Your Audience. Monetize Your Audience.

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