Marketing Intelligence Suite

Focus groups can never tell you as much as analyzing and translating millions of online conversations and brand discussions 24/7/365 can. TrueVoice filters, cleans, organizes and segments social data at a depth previously unavailable. Bottom line: right now, you’re missing critical insights you could be exploiting to your marketing advantage.

Humana taps into TrueVoice intelligence to drive digital transformation. Using our proprietary filters, we work to reveal insightful, actionable breakdowns of their existing customer segments, new prospects, and top competitors.

“TrueVoice intelligence is providing new views of our customers and timely intelligence that guides business and marketing decisions and speeds the company’s digital transformation efforts enterprise wide.”

Below is just a sample of the customized intelligence products TrueVoice specialists provide for Marketing professionals – to help them do what they do…better, faster, smarter:

• Marketing Planning: We offer intelligence representing your most critical audiences. Our comprehensive analysis includes messaging, media mix, keywords for SEO, content & web, and influencer identification that guide the most comprehensive understanding of qualified market opportunity.

• Content Mapping & Measurement: Benchmarking of popular content themes & topics, social channels, influencers and competitive activity to guide the development of impactful social and digital content. Regular measurement & reporting supports ongoing content management.

• Brand & Competitive Insights: Ongoing monitoring, analysis & reporting that tracks the owned and organic social media activity of top competitors to measure activity levels, uncover strategy, and pinpoint competitive changes and business developments of impact. 

• Digital & Social Performance Indexing: Hundreds of relevant digital and social metrics are used to score and rank digital and social performance of your brand and its competitors to identify key areas for action and bring focus to intelligence to guide planning, activation and measurement. 

• Campaign Performance Tracking & Measurement: Regular monitoring of activity, performance and response to active campaigns to measure response and identify areas for optimization to increase the quality and results of marketing campaign efforts.

How can TrueVoice work with your system – and budget – to empower your Marketing strategies?

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