Reputation Intelligence Suite

Today a viral Tweet can create a spectacular spike in awareness and sales – or a PR nightmare that requires months of costly repair. TrueVoice watches and analyzes every social vibration about your company, products or services – all day, every day. Software is great, but humans bring a unique gut call to data filtering and ranking – especially our humans. TrueVoice specialists are listening when you can’t, and alerting you to issues if they arise.

Below is just a sample of the customized intelligence products TrueVoice specialists provide for Reputation professionals – to help them do what they do…better, faster, smarter:

• Social Channel Moderation for Risk/Compliance: 24/7/365 human moderation of brand-owned social channels to understand real-time response, identify commentary that violates regulatory, site and/or community guidelines, and pinpoint timely areas demanding corporate response.

• Reputation Reporting: Brand monitoring in an easy-to-digest reporting format designed for senior reputation executives to understand near real-time response to issues that may impact your Company, its lines of business, its customers and its partners. 

• Emerging Issues Tracking: Real-time monitoring and reporting of industry, company and competitive issues, developments and announcements packaged in easily assessable mobile and dashboard report formats.

• Leadership Indexing: Ranks industry leadership and tracks hundreds of relevant digital and social metrics to produce a qualified and respectable measurement of reputation. 

• Influencer Identification & Impact Tracking: Identification of true industry influence in social media and tracks preference, endorsement and response to Company and competitive efforts.

How can TrueVoice work with your system – and budget – to empower your Reputation efforts?
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