Research Intelligence Suite

Research professionals require reliable, quantified results – packaged in a format that will drive action. We get this. That’s why TrueVoice products are the result of an exclusive combination of tech and talent that transforms dirty, unstructured data into clean, structured truth. Other intelligence providers and resources simply can’t reach TrueVoice depths of detail – and lack the human expertise to produce trusted qualitative and quantitative insights.

General Electric works with TrueVoice Intelligence to build and maintain a proprietary intelligence bank specific to the industry it serves. Using this highly-targeted social intelligence data, TrueVoice surfaces timely leadership opportunities for GE to put its executives at the forefront of their industries.

“TrueVoice team of experts allows GE to surface new opportunities for our most important businesses that would otherwise be lost in the noise of digital and social media.”

Below is just a sample of the customized intelligence products TrueVoice specialists provide for Research professionals – to help them do what they do…better, faster, smarter:

• Audience Social Segmentation: Intelligence representing real-time data of your most important audiences segmented and aligned with existing customer segmentation profiles to provide a real-time social context that is actionable to your enterprise. 

• Brand & Competitive Tracking: Monitoring, analysis & reporting that tracks the owned and organic social activity of competitors to measure activity, uncover strategy, and pinpoint competitive changes and announcements that could impact your Company or its individual lines of business.

• Product & Services Development Identification: Benchmarking and ongoing tracking of self-reported customer product discussion and uses for your brand and its competitors to identify product weakness, whitespace opportunities and alternative uses for product development. 

• Digital & Social Health Indexing:Capture, score and ranking of hundreds of relevant digital and social metrics that identify key areas of traction and growth, as well as predict competitive movement. 

• Brand & Competitive Campaign Tracking: Measurement and frequent reporting of active company and competitor campaigns to assess performance, emerging issues and social customer response to identify timely opportunity for differentiation, optimization and use in best practice planning.

How can TrueVoice work with your system – and budget – to empower your Research capabilities?

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