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From offices in Westport, Connecticut we raise
eyebrows as often as we raise bottom lines for our clients.
Our findings are consistently surprising, our recommendations are reliably spot-on.

TrueVoice LIVE brings a new spin to the world of data. Using a proprietary platform to gather, distill, translate and integrate social data, we’re able to dig and unearth revealing new insights about how and why people behave and buy the way they do. We scour social media sentiment, search engine behavior and public data to fuel our solution. For our clients, the results are considerable, measurable – and profitable.

Giving context to data is what separates us from most. Between our people and our technology, TrueVoice goes beyond data crunching into opportunity pouncing – we will open your eyes to profitable new opportunities for your organization, its businesses, its brands, and its customers.

Weaknesses will be revealed. Strengths will be exploited. New avenues will be explored. We’ve seen it happen time and again for our clients – what initially might be perceived as another me-too planning tool soon becomes a “we-should-have-called-TrueVoice-years ago” proposition. Talk to us, and see for yourself.